Toenail Fungus and Going to Public Pools

Some people love the water. From the moment they first learn how to swim they can’t wait to dive back into a pool. But not everyone has a pool in their backyard. Some people have to go to public pools in order to go swimming. They can go swimming in the same pool for years without even thinking about the dangers involved. Then one day they get out of the pool and start putting on their shoes, only to notice strange spots on their toes.

What they had never realized was that people with toenail fungus go to public pools too. When these people walk around the pool areas without wearing shoes their toenail fungus could spread to the area surrounding the pool. If you step in the same spots that the people with toenail fungus fungus had stepped previously, you can end up with the same nail fungal infection.

Does this mean that you should stop going to public pools? Not necessarily. As long as you take precautions you should be alright. Wearing water shoes around the pool will help keep the fungus from infecting you. You should also definitely leave them on when you go the pool’s public shower. Nail fungal organisms thrive in shower environments. But if you actively try to prevent them from infecting you by wearing water shoes around the pool, you can continue to enjoy going for a swim whenever and wherever you’d like.

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