If you are an athlete, health and fitness is of the utmost importance to you. After all, there is no way for you to reach your peak performance if you are not feeling your best. However, you may be aware, whether it be from other athletes or personal experience, that athletes experience a higher rate of toenail fungus than most other people. What is the reason for this higher prevalence of toenail fungus in athletes?

To reach the answer to why toenail fungus is common in athletes, you need to understand how toenail fungus occurs. Contrary to popular belief, toenail fungus does not originate from the toenail, but rather the nail bed. When there is a crack or wound on the nail, the toenail fungus spores find an opening through which they can reach the nail bed and begin to multiply and grow. In this way, a toenail fungus infection begins on the nail bed and nail plate, which then spreads to and feeds on the toenail. 

So why is it that toenail fungus is so common in athletes? It is because athletes, especially those who play contact sports, tend to injure their feet and toes. When this happens, the toenails crack and the toenail fungus is able to penetrate. This holds especially true in soccer players, since they are constantly kicking soccer balls which over time creates wear and tear on their toenails. This is not only limited to professional athletes, since adults who play sports as a hobby or even children who play sports in school observe a higher rate of toenail fungus infections. 

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