Toenail Fungus, Causes and Risk factors

Toenail fungus can be caught very easily; it’s infectious and spreads from one nail to the next over time. A person can also be infected if they walk barefoot in public places, where other infected individuals have walked. Toenail fungus is more likely to grow in wet environments; like public pools, showers, and locker rooms. Dermatologists would be able to diagnose the disease by taking a culture from the nail and the sample would be checked to see if there is a fungal infection.


  • How to spot an infected nail?

  • The nail would be discolored; white, grey, yellow spots are signs of infection

  • Thickening of the nail and elevation that makes the nail detached from the finger or toe.

  • A buildup under the nail is also a sign of infection

  • Nails might get broken up or cracked

As the infection progresses and fungus grows, the nail must begin to hurt and the pain gets worse with time. For that reason, treating the fungus at its earliest stages is the best way to avoid the consequences of the progression of the infection.


  • What risk factors make you more susceptible?

  • Health factors such as skin infections, diabetes, trauma to the nail would make you more likely to get infections.

  • Wetting your hands or feet for long hours during the day makes you at a higher risk of getting infected.

  • One of the leading causes is walking barefoot in public areas.

  • Wear closed toed-shoes for long hours, and having sweaty feet also increase the risk.

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