Summer is over, and it is time to put away flip flops and sandals, and bring out the boots for the summer. People are probably not considering how their feet will adjust. People during the colder season do not care so much for the appearance of their feet because it is hidden. But, your feet need the same care all throughout the year, even if they are hidden during the winter. Because your feet are trapped in socks and closed toed shoes, they tend to sweat and attract fungal infections.

Fungi are organisms that grow on dead tissues of the feet and cause athlete’s foot or toenail fungus. People usually get fungal infections from public pools, or gym showers. Fungus also thrives in wet socks or in boots. The fungus can live long inside shoes that are not being used, such as your winter boots that are stored in the closet.

The bad news is that you cannot recognize a fungal infection right away. People don’t recognize athletes foot right away because they can appear to be dry, cracked skin between the toes. Fungal nail infection usually start as slight discoloration of the nail, but it can get worse. Over time, it can become thicker and deformed. Athlete’s foot can cause toenail fungus when the fungus from the feet spread to the nail.

Fungal infections can be treated with topical medications, oral antifungal pills, or laser treatment. Since fungal infections are very resistant, topical treatments are not very effective, especially for severe conditions. The creams cannot reach through the nail and the nail bed where the fungus is present. Antifungal pills can cause a series of side effects that can damage the liver. The quickest and easiest way to treat toenail fungus would be laser treatment. It typically requires 1 treatment and does not cause any harmful side effects.

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