Toenail Fungus Prevention: How to Clean Inside of Your Shoes

When your shoes start smelling, there is a bacteria overgrowth in your shoes that cause bad odor. Also, since inside the shoes is the great environment for fungus to grow, it is important to clean it once in a while.

There are various ways to clean the inside of shoes, but today we will talk about one that can easily be done at home.

What we need:


A small bowl


Baking soda or antifungal/antibacterial spray

How to clean:

  1. Remove insoles of the shoes if possible

  2. Mix vinegar with water (1 vinegar : 5 water) in a small bowl

  3. Wipe the insoles with the vinegar and water solution using a sponge

  4. Wash the sponge with clean water

  5. Use the sponge to wipe inside of the shoes, and dry completely

  6. Make sure the insoles are completely dry before putting back in

In addition to that, put a sprinkle of baking soda to remove an unpleasant smell each after wearing the shoes. You can also use an antifungal/antibacterial spray to disinfect and deodorize your shoes.

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