Toenail Fungus Prevention: How to Properly Clean Your Nail Clipper

Although we use the same nail clipper regularly for a quite long time, many of us do not sterilize it as often as its needed. It is very important to clean your nail clipper frequently in order to avoid spreading nail fungus or bacteria and keep your nails healthy. Today, we will introduce the way to clean your nail clipper at home.

  1. Get a brush and soak it into alcohol

    You can get isopropyl alcohol, which is commonly used for sanitization or treatment of minor cuts. Soak a brush into the alcohol approximately for 5 minutes so the brush can absorb the alcohol.

  2. Use the brush to scrub the nail clippers

    Put a small amount of antibacterial soap and scrub the nail clipper. Rinse the clipper in warm water until the soap is completely washed off.

  3. Dry completely

    To avoid developing bacteria or mold, dry your nail clipper completely. Use a paper towel to dry and store in clean case.

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