17 09 / 2021

Why is nail fungus cosmetic?

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Why is nail fungus cosmetic? Many patients have this question if they struggle with this condition. It is extremely tough to hear that certain treatments for nail fungus will not be covered by insurance. And the reason insurance companies do not cover certain treatments is that they deem them to be cosmetic. Nail fungus is [...]

17 09 / 2021

Is nail fungus Contagious?

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Is nail fungus Contagious? The short answer is yes. Toenail fungus affects the nails and the skin under them. Nail fungus gets worse over time if left untreated. As the fungus grows, the condition and appearance of nails become more severe. While this growth is evident in the progression of fungus, the fungus can also [...]

17 09 / 2021

Yellow and Thick Toenail Treatments

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There are many yellow and thick toenail treatments. Healthy nails are usually clear and free from deformities. In some cases, nails can thicken and turn yellow in color. Some people are more likely to be affected than others. Older people naturally develop these types of nails, sometimes it is caused by nail fungus. Yellow Toenails [...]

17 09 / 2021

Toenail Doctors

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Toenail doctors can help you decide the best treatment for toenail fungus. Toenail doctors can recommend various types of treatment like topical solutions, oral medication, and laser treatment. They also give out tips when trying to cure your toenail fungus. While you may be alarmed by how common toenail fungus is, preventing it is actually [...]