14 09 / 2018

Tea Tree Oil for Your Nail Fungus?

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Tea tree oil is an essential oil with many therapeutic benefits, including the antifungal and antiseptic feature. There have been scientific findings that tea tree oil should be effective for the treatment of your nail fungus. According to a 2013 study by Flores and colleagues (https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs11046-013-9622-7), tea tree worked effectively in reducing the growth of [...]

13 09 / 2018

How did this get here? Why Toenail Fungus?

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Toenail fungus also is known as onychomycosis. It is also extremely common, research suggests 2-3% of the population have had or will have an ingrown nail. The aging population makes up a large portion of those who have toenail fungus. The fungus destroys the nail as it spreads resulting in discoloration and thick nails that [...]

12 09 / 2018

What is PinPointe FootLaser? – Growing way to kill nail fungi

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The PinPointe FootLaser is used to kill the fungus that live in and under the nail. The laser pass through the nail without causing damage to the same or the surrounding skin. When you get procedure, all the fungus should be killed but you will not see your nail become instantly clear - because the [...]

11 09 / 2018

Laser Therapy: A Closer Look at the PinPointe Foot Laser ™

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Laser Therapy has been used effectively for almost ten years. The FDA first approved of the therapy in 2010. The PinPointe Foot Laser ™ was the first to be approved in the US as well as Canada. Toenail fungal infection is hard to treat and are likely to return if not treated effectively. Laser therapy [...]