19 10 / 2020

Is it possible to get Nail Fungus From Nail Polish?

By |2020-10-19T14:30:42-07:00October 19th, 2020|

If you were thinking if it was possible to get nail fungus from nail polish then you’re one step there towards being conscious of nail fungus and working towards better nail health. Nail polish can indirectly increase your chances of nail fungus by contributing to it if you already have it and make it impossible [...]

16 10 / 2020

How to Recognize a Toenail Infected with Fungus

By |2020-10-16T14:29:46-07:00October 16th, 2020|

A toenail fungus infection is a common condition that can cause damage to the nail, and when left untreated can cause both undesirable aesthetic changes to the nail as well as damage to the nail. These fungal infections need to be recognized as soon as possible so that they don’t go untreated and become more [...]

16 10 / 2020

How to Stop Toenail Fungus from Spreading

By |2020-10-16T13:03:03-07:00October 16th, 2020|

Once you discover the signs of toenail fungus, you may be concerned about giving it to people you are close to. Toenail fungus is contagious, and can easily be passed along between people. It is particularly easy for the fungus to spread between people who you often share spaces with, like family members or close [...]

14 10 / 2020

Toenail Fungus Treatment Options

By |2020-10-14T13:59:42-07:00October 14th, 2020|

Once you have noticed the signs of toenail fungus, it is important to seek treatment immediately to prevent the infection from getting worse or causing damage to the nail. Toenail fungus treatment comes in a variety of forms, and while researching your options you may start to feel overwhelmed. It’s important to understand that not [...]