4 12 / 2018

Taking a Pedicure Break

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When pedicure is left on your toenails for a long time, you may develop white spotting on your nails. It is called a keratin granulation - It appears when the upper layer of the toenail (made of keratin) is removed along with the pedicure when you take it off. When you get a keratin granulation, [...]

30 11 / 2018

Be mindful: Do not share your toenail fungus with others

By |2018-11-30T15:33:32-07:00November 30th, 2018|

In North America, around 10% of the population have toenail fungus - the condition is more common in older people, such that it is estimated 20 % of people over 60 and 50 % of those over 70 have fungal nail infection according to UC Berkely (http://www.berkeleywellness.com/self-care/preventive-care/article/lowdown-toenail-fungus) Unfortunately, toenail fungus is very easy to spread [...]

27 11 / 2018

2 Ways Shoes Can Give You Nail Fungus

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When you go to work, school, gym, or even when you stay in your room, your toes spend most of the time in your shoes. That means how you keep your shoes clean is crucial for toenail fungus prevention. If your toenail fungus keeps coming up, or if your toenails keep having an abnormal [...]

19 11 / 2018

Why is Nail Fungus Common in Athletes?

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Although everyone have possibilities to get fungal nail infection, Athletes are more likely to get toenail fungus than others. Knowing the reasons why athletes are more prone to toenail fungus will help you understand the cause of fungal nail infection and how to prevent it. Here is why toenail fungus is so common in athletes: [...]