13 11 / 2018

Three Stages of Fungal Nail Infection

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Fungal toenail infection usually begins as fungus gets in through the crack of the nail. Once the toenail gets infected, it starts changing its appearance. Toenail fungus is usually painless, but sometimes it causes pain and discomfort in your toe. The appearance of the infected nail differs depending on the stages of your infection: Early [...]

8 11 / 2018

4 Classic Types of Fungal Nail Infection

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Fungal infection of the nail, medically called Onychomycosis, can be classified as 4 basic types. Distal Subungual Onychomycosis (DSO) The most common form of nail fungus. It is usually caused by a fungus called T. Rubrum, which also cause athlete’s foot. T. Rubrum infects the nail bed and underneath the nail plate that changes nail [...]

7 11 / 2018

How to Keep Your Feet Away from Fungus

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Even if you have treated your toenail fungus, people can always reinfect themselves if they keep the same lifestyle. The important thing is to learn how to keep yourself away from fungus in daily life. Here are some examples, Dry your feet using a towel after bath or swimming Make sure to wipe in between [...]