24 06 / 2021

How To Groom and Soften Hard Fungal Nails

By |2021-06-24T19:45:37-07:00June 24th, 2021|

To groom and soften hard fungal nails is often very difficult. Many of the symptoms that toenail fungus causes can make this task more difficult than other people who aren’t infected. Toenail fungus symptoms are usually solely an aesthetic issue, which only cause a difference in how the toenail looks. However, there are multiple functional [...]

22 06 / 2021

Unmanageable Funky Nails

By |2021-06-22T18:13:00-07:00June 22nd, 2021|

Unmanageable funky nails are difficult to deal with in many ways, including both emotionally and physically. Nails of this condition can cause personal discomfort because of the smell, and can also cause social isolation. Foul odors coming from the feet can permeate to the noses of your friends and family and make them dislike being [...]

22 06 / 2021

Trimming and Softening Hard Fungal Nails

By |2021-06-22T18:11:54-07:00June 22nd, 2021|

Trimming and softening hard fungal nails is often more difficult of a task than some may assume. Specifically, the changes that toenail fungus causes make trimming and softening these nails more difficult than it is for other people. Normally toenail fungus is only an aesthetic issue, and only causes change in how the toenail looks. [...]

21 06 / 2021

Uncontrollable Stinky Toenails

By |2021-06-21T19:20:27-07:00June 21st, 2021|

Uncontrollable stinky toenails are difficult to manage both emotionally and physically. They can cause both personal discomfort as well as social isolation, since stinky odors coming from the feet can emanate to the noses of your friends and family. This can lead to a multitude of issues, but most importantly it just doesn’t feel good [...]