Toenail Fungus Treatment

Toenail fungus, usually caused by a fungus that is fed by keratin, begins outward progressing towards the toenail plate. Although the elderly population is more at risk for catching Onychomycosis, people and children of any age can get it. The most common form of treatment is oral medications. The problem that poses with such a treatment is that medication cannot always reach tissue, which fungus lives in.

Conventional treatments for nail fungus?

Physicians and patients alike considered topical remedies to work well since fungus grows relatively near the external environment of your body. Trial and error proved that creams and solutions alone did not suffice in getting rid of nail growths. Findings proved that products cannot easily penetrate through the nail to kill fungus underneath. What’s next? Combined Therapy of topicals and oral medications seemed to work better in treating Onychomycosis. The money factor in this potentially steered patients away since toenail fungus, most of the time, don’t become an actual detriment to your health.

Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus.

Lasers have been developed to treat a majority of cosmetic related things rangings from diseases to cosmetic touch-ups. Concentrated light energy in lasers will reach the intended tissue by force of heat- this is the most common approach of laser techniques.

So what’s better- laser or traditional methods?

The argument against laser therapy is that there have not been as many studies and tests done as there have been for traditional treatments. Although this is true, the findings show that the treatment does not pose any side effects as medications do and although there have not been as many long term studies as there have been for medications, the success rates are favorable.

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