Vicks Vapor Rub Kills Nail Fungus?

Ever thought that Vapor rub could be used for more purposes other than helping with congestion and breathing? If yes, then you are correct. The oil based ointment has been known to stop nail fungus from forming. The turpentine ingredient in the vapor rub has elements that help with clearing the nails of discoloration.

For best results, it is recommended to apply a thick coating on each fungal nail in the evenings before bed. Wash the ointment off the next morning and follow this step by brushing on vinegar. Be cautious during these processes by making sure neither of the substances (the vapor rub or the vinegar) come into contact with the eyes, nose, or mouth.

It is still unknown if the vapor rub itself actually helps with fighting or treating nail fungus, but some who have used this solution have noticed improvement and success in clearing their nail fungus.

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