Nail discoloration is often an indicator of an underlying problem of nail fungus, but it can also be the result of another disease. Below are the possible diseases indicated by specific colors of your nails. 

White or Yellow

Air may be trapped under the nail, which can lead to a fungus infection. Check out our blog on Symptoms of a Nail Fungus to determine if you might have a nail fungus. 

Red or Black

Trauma on the nail causes hematoma where blood can be found under the nail. This condition is harmless and can be trimmed off once the discolored part of the nail has grown out. This might also indicate melanoma. If it is melanoma, it can easily be diagnosed with a biopsy by a podiatrist or dermatologist. 

Green Nails

Green nails can be an indicator of the bacteria, pseudomonas, which might come with a bad smell. This can be treated by keeping the nails short for a month and prevent nails from being soaked in water. 

Pitted Nails

Tiny depressions in the nails are known as nail pitting is often an indication of nail psoriasis. This is caused when the immune system is reacting at an abnormally high rate. Symptoms of psoriasis include flaking of the nail, inflammation, and discolored skin.

Redness of skin

Redness, often accompanied by swelling surrounding the skin of the nail is often known as paronychia. This affects the cuticle of the nail caused usually by bacteria and occurs when the cuticle is irritated.