So we have all heard a thing or two about fungus. Whether it’s in the form of a fungal infection or in the form of mold or in food, but many of us don’t really know what the fungi actually look like. Well if you are curious, we have the answers for you.

Although previously believed to be a part of the plant category, they are not due to the studies on their DNA. Fungi are more similar to bacteria in that they act as the main composter and recyclers for plants. Moreover, although common belief has taught us that fungi are disgusting creatures that attack everything, they actually help declutter our planet of masses of debris and unnecessary waste. By doing this they reduce the size of their “prey” significantly.

Appearance wise, fungi are microscopic and are not able to be seen by the naked eye, however when they are in large clusters they can be seen in the form of a white powder-like coating on leaves or fruit. If not grouped in large sums then it is quite difficult to see and can only be seen  under a microscope.