What Does Redness Around The Toes Indicate?

Have you been noticing your toes and the skin surrounding your toenails to look swollen or more red in color than normal? Unfortunately you may have an infection, commonly referred to Paronychia. This infection typically occurs on the skin located toward the bottom end of the nail, aka your cuticle. If it is in a more severe state it is typically due to a bacterial infection. You should visit a physician to drain the swelling or try soaking the toes in warm water.

If you notice inflammation or irritation in the cuticles, this is a more chronic case of paronychia. These cases are a result of a yeast infection that takes over and damages the skin. You should treat the nail by keeping it dry and away from water as much as possible. You may also use a topical such as hydrocortisone to help with the inflammation. If the problem persists make sure to contact a doctor.

  1. Chronic nail trauma, such as repeatedly starting and stopping, kicking, and other athletic endeavors, can cause damage to the nails that can look a lot like fungal nails. This sort of repetitive trauma can also occur with certain types of employment or wearing tight-fitting shoes.
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