Many individuals who suffer from nail fungus are long time sufferers. Nail fungus is known to be an infectious disease and is still incurable however it is treatable. Those who have had it for years have just about tried everything they can think of and of those individuals, many lose hope and give up on treatment, accepting that they will never see results. This is the sad reality for many sufferers, however this can also be a dangerous conclusion to opt to. Additionally there are people who have obtained the nail fungus who simply do not care to treat it or believe the problem will subside on its own. The repercussions of these thought processes are not pretty.

If left untreated and in more severe cases, nail fungus can cause permanent damage to the nail and further spread to other parts of the body. If on the fingernails it has a high likelihood of spreading to the toenails and vice versa. Nail fungus can also spread onto the skin and other parts of the body such as the scalp. Moreover, if left untreated you may could infect other members of your household. Fungus is infectious and contagious therefore the spreading of it to other individuals is likely and could be potentially how you obtained it yourself.

The moral of the story is that if you are showing signs of a fungal infection, make sure to take care of it at it first signs to not only avoid from it spreading to other parts of your body, worsening in appearance, but also for other individuals out there that are uninfected.