Many people choose to ignore nail fungus because they perceive it to be only an aesthetic issue and not a medically significant one. Others do so because they have had it for a while and do not consider that it may get worse. However, unbeknownst to many, there are some risks that arise when you ignore nail fungus. 

Any infection when taken lightly has the potential to worsen over time. When you ignore nail fungus, it also has the potential to worsen even if it has been the same for a while. This is because other hidden health conditions or medications that you may be taking can diminish your immunity, so that your body is no longer able to effectively fight the fungus. When the infection worsens, you will find that your nail is becoming thick and brittle, and it may become painful. Many people find that if they ignore nail fungus long enough, the toenail may begin to separate from the nail bed, allowing it to become cracked and chipped more easily. Eventually, the nail can temporarily or permanently fall off. 

Even if the nail does not fall off, when the nails become thick or cracked they can be very painful. Many people find that it can get so painful that they have difficulty in walking or wearing their normal footwear. In these cases they can be forced to change their shoes, often having to wear open-toed shoes that embarrassingly display their nail fungus. 

What is even more dangerous is that when you ignore nail fungus, the fungus can spread to other parts of the body. It can spread from your nails to the skin of your feet to cause athlete’s foot, or to your genitals to cause jock itch. Since you will be left with cracked skin, this creates an avenue for bacteria to enter and cause other infections and health issues. Another unintended consequence when you ignore nail fungus is that you may spread it to your loved ones, as the fungal spores can deposit around your home in carpet, shoes, bedding, and towels that you may share. 

If you are experiencing symptoms, do not ignore nail fungus as it may get worse and have many adverse effects. Just like any other medical condition, it should be taken seriously and you can get medical attention by calling us to schedule a free consultation with one of our doctors at one of our over 120 locations.