What Happens if you Ignore your Nail Fungus

Since nail fungus symptoms do not include pain, it is easy to ignore the problem. Putting off the visit to the doctor is common among people with the infection. However, nail fungus may appear to be a cosmetic problem, they can also lead to potential health complications. 

  • Foot pain: nail infected by fungi can cause thickness of nails which can then cause the nails to grow abnormally causing pain in your toes or feet
  • Fungus spreading: Nail fungus feeds off keratin and therefore can easily spread to other nails and even other parts of your feet which is then called athlete’s foot. It might also reach your genitals. The fungus might spread when putting on pants or underwear and cause jock itch. 
  • Infection: People with diabetes or have a condition that makes them immunocompromised, may cause the infection to spread and cause cellulitis, where the skin becomes swollen, redder, and soft. 
  • Nail Loss: Nail fungus might lead to onycholysis which is a condition where the nail is detached from the nail bed which might require nail removal. Check out our blog post on nail removal here which depending on the condition might require an avulsion where the nail is removed. Some do a matrixectomy to treat nail fungus. This is where the nail bed is removed so the nail can no longer grow back 

If you have a toenail fungus, ignoring it might lead to further complications. It doesn’t only affect the appearance of the nail, but also your health! 

Be sure to seek help if the problem advances and home treatments are not working. There is a variety of treatment methods you can do both at home for minuscule conditions, or more advanced infections. 

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