What if I Don’t Treat My Nail Fungus?

So you’ve tried everything, scoured the deep pages of the web and gone from consultation to consultation from podiatrists to dermatologists and still your nail fungus persists. You’re at the end of the road, your home remedies aren’t showing much improvement and the constant upkeep is cutting into your valued free time! Laser treatment isn’t covered by insurance and you’re scared for your liver’s health if you go the pill route.

So here you are, soaking your feet in your own personal mixture of tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, and bleach wondering is it really worth it? Do I have to treat my nail fungus? What happens if I just leave it?

By now I’m sure you know just how difficult nail infections are to treat. Lots of home remedies exist but there’s very little success rate or noteable proof that these home remedies even work. With all the side effects, low cure rate, and costly treatments out there it’s no wonder why most people who suffer from nail fungus infections just try to cover up their feet rather than attempting to treat them. In about one out of two dozen cases the fungus actually travels to other parts of the body which can affect the hands, back and legs. If you don’t treat your nail fungus infection you’re essentially allowing an organism to live in your nails which can spread.

The fungus can also create cracks and openings on the skin where bacteria can sneak in causing infection. The longer you wait, the harder it is to treat. Be proactive and take action early on!

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