What do podiatrists do is a common question patients ask? Not a lot of people know that podiatrists exist. Some people say that they trim toenails and calluses, but that’s not all. Podiatry has a broader scope than that. Podiatrists are foot doctors that treat everything below the knee. Patients they see on a regular basis are those who have diabetes, neuropathy, or have poor circulation. They also treat patients who have high arches, flat feet, and foot or ankle pain. Podiatrists deal with issues such as ankle fractures, ingrown toenails, hammertoes, bunions, and toenail fungus. 

Podiatrists are the best doctors to diagnose and treat toenail fungus. Toenail fungus is one of the most common foot conditions in adults. They are most knowledgeable about this issue from diagnosis to treatment to preventions. They have seen thousands of toenail fungus cases with various levels of severity. They can immediately tell if your toenail has a fungal infection or not.

The best type of treatment for toenail fungus is the laser treatment using the PinPointe Laser. It achieves about an 85% success rate which is the highest compared to other options. In our clinics, treatments are done by podiatrists, not nail technicians. So if you are unsure if you have a fungal infection, our doctors can diagnose your case and you can get the treatment done at the same visit. You will be under the best care of our experienced doctors. They can give you the best advice to prevent reinfection and answer all of your questions regarding your condition. They can also help you with your other foot problems.

If you have toenail fungus or it’s symptoms, contact us to schedule a FREE consultation with one of our doctors. If you are in the Long Island, NY area, we have a clinic in Freeport. We have over 106 clinics nationwide and cure thousands of patients weekly.