As humans, we all make mistakes and accidents do happen. With that said, we tend to use our hands and feet far frequently than most of our other body parts, so if an injury should occur, this usually impacts our lives tremendously.

Injuries caused to the fingers and toes can create a domino effect and begin to infect the nails as well. The nails can begin to form bruising under the nail, separation of the nail from the nail bed, crumbling effects, discoloration, and many other abnormalities caused by trauma. These deformities can sometimes become a permanent problem when left untreated for long periods of time.

So what are some injuries to the nail that could cause infections? Well there are several forms of it depending on your daily life and habits. 1. Crushing forces, this would be in the form of dropping heavy objects on the hands or feet, hammering the finger by accident, slamming the door on the fingers, frequent biting of the skin or nail, and/or working with heavy machinery. 2. Slicing/Cutting, either with knives, box cutters, or heavy duty machinery. 3. Ripping/Tearing, this can happen through stubbing the toe if the fingernail gets caught on an object causing a ripping or tearing effect.

Ultimately injuries are inevitable and we want to do our best to try to avoid them in order to prevent such mishaps to occur and cause infections. Make sure if any of the above have occurred to seek attention regarding the manner.