What to do after laser treatment for toenail fungus

Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus with the PinPointe Foot Laser is one of the most effective ways to cure toenail fungus. It has a success rate of 85%. Unlike other lasers that require 4 or more treatments, the PinPointe laser typically requires 1 treatment. What the laser does is kill the fungus that is present at the time of your treatment. After your treatment, you can resume your normal day to day activities. However, it is important to follow post treatment care. These are things that you need to do in order to prevent reinfection.

Since the fungus can be found in the environment, you need to be careful and follow these preventative measures:

  • If you would like to wear nail polish, we recommend using an anti-fungal nail polish.
  • Buy new nail clippers. Your old nail clippers may have been infected with the fungus since you’ve been using them while your nails were infected.
  • When going to a salon, make sure their instruments are clean, or bring your own tools.
  • Keep your toenails clean and trimmed.
  • In public places such as hotels, swimming pools, or the gym, make sure to wear flip-flops or any type of foot wear to protect your feet and toenails

Post treatment care products are also important. Because you have been infected with the fungus, you would be more susceptible to getting them again.

These post treatment care products will protect your nails from fungus in the environment and help maintain the results of your treatment.

  • Anti-fungal Shoe Spray – We recommend to use this daily. Fungus thrives in dark, moist environment such as your shoe. Spraying anti-fungal shoe spray can get rid of the fungus present in your shoes.
  • Anti-fungal cream, such as Clotrimazole – This is applied to the skin around your nails, between your toes, and bottom and sides of the feet. This will prevent any fungal infection on the skin (like athlete’s foot). This is important because the fungus on the skin may travel to the nails and make it more difficult to get rid of.
  • Anti-fungal Solution – This is applied to the nails daily, acting as a shield. This solution would protect your nail from reinfection. 

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