What Your Nail Color Tells You

You usually see clear, salmon pink in healthy nails. When your nail color changes, it could tell varieties of things depending on the color, and even within the same color. Let’s look at some examples.

  1. Yellow/white nails

They can be caused my onycholysis, the separation between the nail and the nail bed. You see the color change due to the air beneath the nail. When you develop this condition, try not to clean under the nail and simply cut the nail short. Persistent onycholysis makes your nail susceptible to fungal infection. Seek for professional help if the condition does not get better after the reasonable period.

When you have a nail fungus, your nail can also become yellow-colored. In this case, you can also have your nail thickened and brittle. You may also feel pain. This condition is contagious, so don’t hesitate to contact podiatrists to get help at the early stage.

  1. Red/black nails

The color can be due to blood under the nail. This normally occurs after nail trauma (i.e. slamming a finger in the door). The blood-colored area will usually grow out with the nail. If the blood clot stays in the same spot, you may want to see a doctor make sure it is not melanoma, a skin cancer with pigmented cells.

  1. Green nails

You can get green color nail by infected by Pseudomonas bacteria, which grow under a nail. The infection may cause an unpleasant smell of the nail. As a treatment, you can trim the nail short every month and try not to clean it for a few months. Also, thoroughly dry your nail after showering and avoid soaking your nail in water. It the condition does not go away for a reasonable period, contact your doctor.

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