What’s The Point of Disinfecting?

Hygiene isn’t just important for aesthetic reasons like trying to look good in front of your family and friends, it’s also important for your personal health and well being. Dentists suggest that you should brush your teeth and least twice a day to avoid against any and all oral infections like cavities or gingivitis. And doctors recommend keeping a good diet that contains all the food groups. Health experts tell us to exercise daily, we are told to shower daily and always wear sunscreen. This isn’t news to most people, these are tips we are familiar with and have heard time and time again. But if we’re so familiar with knowing to keep our body clean and healthy why don’t we apply that knowledge to all aspects of our lives, such as nail fungal infections.

Before and after treating fungal nails it is important to eliminate anything that could have potentially caused the fungus to grow or to disinfect anything that has made contact with your fungal nails and feet. If you skip this step in your healing process, you are opening up the doors to reinfection, which will cause fungi to grow right back where they began and infect your nails and skin once again.

Disinfecting your nail instruments, home floors, shower floors, and washing your sheets and socks are a part of the aftercare process and will also help save you from the headache of unraveling your entire treatment. Fungus is a very infectious and contagious disease that has a high recurrence rate when the disinfecting process is not applied. If you have carpeted floors, consider having them washed/cleaned. If you have tile or wood flooring, make sure to mop them as well. For shower floors use bleach or tile cleaner to disinfect the area, since that area is moist it is important to do this chemical clean. Wash your socks and sheets in hot water, fungi do not always come out of fabric even when washed so it is important to use a warmer temperature than normal to make sure the fungus has been killed. Lastly, for nail instruments you may use hot water and diluted bleach.

Aftercare is just as important as treatment! Just like we are told by our dentists to brush our teeth after a cleaning we must always follow up treatment with aftercare. Disinfect your shoes regularly, never go out in public barefoot, never share your shoes, and use nail lacquers and creams to keep fungal spores to a minimum.

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