Where Do Fungi Live?

Fungi are the reason for many individuals who suffer from fungal infections. Although we all think of fungi to be horrid creatures that invade our bodies and cause serious damage, they are not all that bad, in fact some fungi have many benefits but some can be harmful.

Fungi can be found on almost all surfaces and everywhere in the environment. We can find them on anything from foods, to forests, to pools and even gardens.More specifically we can find them in soil, in your homes, on plants, in our bodies, on animals, and in our water. In large part most fungi will decompose non-living things, however some can damage crops as well as plants. There a few that can also cause problems in humans. Candida is one common fungus that affects people, which causes a yeast infection and can also result in a fungal infection as well such as nail fungus, athletes foot, jock itch, and ringworm. Others that are found in food are often in the form of yeasts such as bread, beer, etc. and also in molds such as old foods, and other plants.

So although we believe that fungi only exist on our bodies infecting them, they are actually present all around us and are not all harmful.

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