Where Does Fungus Come From?

Many of us are well aware of what a nail fungus is and some of us may even know how we got it. But for those who are curious of where fungi even derive from, we have found the answers.

First and foremost, the fungi that cause  nail fungus are known as dermatophyte fungi. These are mainly derived from yeasts and mold. Fungi in general are these tiny microscopic organisms that do not require any light or sunlight to survive. There are some fungi that actually have beneficial use and then there are others, the more commonly known ones, that cause infections. Fungi generally live in moist and warm environments such as swimming pools, jacuzzis, showers, saunas, and even your shoes (more so for those who have sweaty feet). Fungi enter through openings in the skin such as cuts or wounds that you may not even notice or that are so small that you cannot see. More commonly thought, they enter through the space between your nail and nail bed. So if you are nails are generally exposed to moist and warm environments, you are susceptible to developing a fungal infection.

So why do some people develop fungus on their feet as opposed to hands or vice versa? Once again, these critters thrive from warm and moist places. So if you frequently have your hands or fingers in a warm or wet environment you are likely to have developed the infection that way. Dishwashers and car washers would likely fall into this category. In terms of the feet or toenails, same goes, if you’re a swimmer or have your feet exposed to wet areas, or just have a perspiration problem in the feet then you are likely to have developed it that way. Some people have parts of their bodies that are just more exposed to these type of conditions and could potentially cause a spread to the other parts of the body if left untreated.

All in all, fungi live everywhere on almost all surfaces. Some are infectious while others are not, and of those that are infectious they tend to be very predictable in where they can be found, it is up to you to be cautious.

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