Why Do I Have Weak Nails?

So you’ve tried time after time to grow out your nails? The image of long perfect glossy nails always just a bit out of reach. You try and try but for some reason your nails keep flaking, breaking, and cracking. What is the reason for this and how do you fix it?

Iron iron iron! Iron is one of the main benefactors of long healthy nails and if you have an iron deficiency your nails could be suffering. Iron helps hemoglobin, a molecule that helps transfer red blood cells and fresh oxygen to your nail matrix. Without iron you’ll get depressed sad looking nails, with indentations and chips. The complete opposite of the look most people are going for. Try adding more iron to your diet or taking an iron pill which can be easily purchased at your local drug store. You should see a world of difference sooner rather than later.

Here’s a new one in regards to this generation, typing and texting! Who’d have thought with the advancement of modern technology we’d bring damage to our nails? But if you’re nails are constantly tapping and hitting your screen or keyboard repeatedly for hours everyday you’re bound to get nail fractures and chips due to the sheer repeating force. Try filing your nails down to just the tips of the white but with enough room that they extend over the fleshy part of your fingers.

If you’re uptight about germs and find yourself washing your hands more than the average person chances are you’re drying out your cuticles. Water dries your skin out, and because of this your cuticles can suffer. If your cuticles are dry that means that when the nail forms it will likely be prone to cracking, splitting, and breaking. Be generous with your lotions, apply a good amount to your hands and really work the fingers, knuckles, and massage the cuticles.

One last thing ladies, if you’re a lover of nail polish you can’t let the polish sit on your nails for too long! Nail polish has drying agents that drain the moisture out of your nails and nail plate weakening it. Most dermatologists recommend taking polish off after 5 days and letting your nails breathe a few days in between sessions. And don’t forget to apply a moisturizing lotion before applying a base coat to nail polish! This will help fill in any microscopic cracks or indentations  while giving your nails an extra added boost of moisture!

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