I tend to only wear open toe shoes during my favorite season which is summer. During this time my feel always get discolored and I want to know if I might be in danger of getting nail fungus!

Nail fungus known as Onychomycosis turns nails thick, discolored, flaky and ugly . Fungal infected nails can start out with just the corner of your nail involved. The nail plate usually appears discolored in the tip of one the toenail first and then can later spread to all the other toenails. Fungal nails can also start detaching from the nail bed which can cause pain when the nails get stuck in socks or sheets. Once the nail plate is lifted from the nail bed dirt gets under the nail and cause the nails to have a dark appearance and turn black which then can turn into a fungal infection?

The question is, what is this ugly matter underneath the toenail, a fungal tissue or dirt? Dirt can get underneath the clear nail plate and cause a dark spots, confusing you to think “I have fungus!!!” So check out your nails carefully and you can decide for yourself what those ugly discolored spots are underneath your toenails. If the nail doesn’t appear either yellow, thick, flaky or disfigured it probably is not a fungal nail. 

Best way to be sure if you have contracted fungus is to visit your podiatrist who can identify  and help you get rid of your problem. There are over the counter topical solutions available that can help in treating the nail fungus problem but those usually are not very effective.

If your nails are yellow or suspect to have a fungal nail infection. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with one of our specialists. We have over 80 clinics nationwide, including Brooklyn, NY.