Why Is My Nail Lifting?

Onycholysis is official term used to describe the occurrence of one’s nail beginning to lift or separate from its nail bed. This may occur in both the fingernails and toenails. It is usually most noticeable at the tips of the nails lifting up and later moves toward the cuticle end of the nail. There are a number of causes as to why onycholysis occurs and furthermore the condition can cause other health conditions to surface.

So what are the causes you ask? Well typically the most common of causes to a loosening nail is trauma. In other words, if you have caused an injury to the nail such as hitting it against a hard surface, dropping heavy objects, or sports related injuries. This may also occur as a result of repeated activities such as typing or playing instruments that require nail use. Poorly done manicures and pedicures may also be a cause, for example being too rough or going too far deep cleaning beneath the nail. Lastly, medical conditions such as psoriasis or weakened immunity can cause onycholysis as well. As far as psoriasis goes, it often changes the way the nails grow and may weaken due to antibiotics, which causes the nails to lift when exposed to the sun. Chemotherapy weakens the immune system in general so also affects the nail growth and cause detachment and/or become fungal.

The lifting of a nail can unfortunately cause dirt and moisture to collect underneath the nail, which therefore causes bacteria growth and fungus formation.

If this is something that you suffer from be sure to clip nails back as often as possible, keeping them short. Furthermore, you should definitely seek treatment from a medical specialist and try to keep the nail attached//intact by wrapping it with a bandaid or taping it down until you see a doctor..

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