Why is Nail Fungus Common in Athletes?

Although everyone have possibilities to get fungal nail infection, Athletes are more likely to get toenail fungus than others. Knowing the reasons why athletes are more prone to toenail fungus will help you understand the cause of fungal nail infection and how to prevent it.

Here is why toenail fungus is so common in athletes:

  1. Frequently walk public place barefoot.

    • Nail fungus is very contagious and can spread quickly. Because athletes use places where other people walk around barefoot, they have much higher chances to get other people’s fungus. When the place is warm and humid, such as public pool or shower rooms, fungus can grow and spread even quicker.

  2. Often sweat in their shoes and wear them for a long time

    • Warm and wet environment is ideal for nail fungus to thrive. Although sweating in shoes will not directory cause the fungal infection, you will expose your feet more to the fungi by wearing those shoes. Once the shoes are contaminated, you keep exposing yourself to the fungi even after washing your feet.

  3. More likely to have athlete’s foot

    • Athlete’s foot is a fungal skin infection on your feet, and iis frequently seen between toes. When left untreated, the fungus can spread to other areas, including nails, and can cause nail infections. It is estimated that one there of people with athlete’s foot also have a fungal nail infection.

  4. More likely to have toenail trauma

    • Because athletes use and put more stress to feet, they are more likely to have trauma on their toenails, such as cracking or getting blood clot under the nail. Those who with toenail trauma are more susceptible to fungal infection because fungal infection is commonly caused by fungi penetrating through the nail crack and other trauma.

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