Toenail fungus is when a fungi begins to develop underneath the nail to where the nail bedding is. A lot of toenail fungus occurs because they are made in these environments where there is a lot of moisture and darkness. For example if someone was sweating on their feet while wearing closed toed shoes, that allows them to develop the fungus because fungus enjoy those types of environments. At any age someone can obtain toenail fungus, the most common age of people getting toenail fungus is people over the ages of 65. Toenail fungus is when toenails start to become discolored, thick and break easily. It’s more common for the infection to occur on toenails than on fingernails. The medical term for toenail fungus is “onychomycosis”.


A lot of people ask the same question, which is why is toenail fungus so hard to get rid of. The issue is that a lot of people have different misconceptions about toenails fungus. Many people believe that the fungus is on the actual nail itself and not underneath the nail. They use topical solutions when in reality the medication does not even reach to the source of the fungus. The infection is caused by a microscopic organism called dermatophyte fungus. These infections can be contagious, and they are often difficult to eliminate completely. 


Fungus can pose as a serious threat if you are someone that is not fully healthy. As well it takes time to see results with fungus because you have to wait for the nail to grow out over time. The average time for the nail to grow completely new is six months and the older you get, the long it takes for the nail to grow. The best option for curing toenail fungus is by using the pinpointe laser which penetrates the nail to wear the fungus’s source and kills it.