Why The Big Toe?

When talking about nail infections, more often than not we find that our big toes are usually the ones that are affected. Why the big toes you ask? Well for starters they are literally the biggest nails of the four other toes. Therefore, since they are larger they are more prone to having an accident and have more circumference for something to enter through or infect.

A number of things can lead to a sign of a nail infection on the big toe such as yellowing, browning, and greening of the nail. These colors all indicate a nail fungus and can worsen over time if not treated right away. These colors typically only appear on the big toes, which is why it is the largest indicator of any type of infection. Furthermore, the big toe nails are on the outskirts of the foot, making them more susceptible to accidents and trauma.

It is important to take precaution of the your toes and nails by avoiding injuries and wearing proper fitted shoes that have enough room for the toes.

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