Why the Pill May Not Be the Method for You

Fungus has been a considerably infectious disease for centuries now and overtime different remedies have come out as treatment options, however there has been one that has been used for years and prescribed by doctors, which see it as the most effective option. Oral medications such as Lamisil have been the go-to treatment option recommended by doctors and podiatrists. Although in past years this was best way to potentially help treat the nails other than topicals. This is no longer the case and for several reasons may not be the method for many patients.

As with most medications, there are side effects to using these antifungal oral medications. The most important one to recognize is the damage it does to the liver. The medicine is a strong one, working to kill fungi from the inside out (which may or may not even be an internal issue). Moreover, you can only imagine that if the organs are being affected by this, that other parts of the body could be experiencing troubles too. Many patients have experienced nausea, stomach problems, heartburn, hair loss, and overall discomfort.

Furthermore, the pills are simply not an option at all for some individuals. Patients who are diabetic, have low/weak immune systems, or patients who are currently taking other medications that may interfere with this one, cannot choose this route.

In the recent years, laser treatment has been noted to not only be the most effective treatment available, but also the safest. Laser treatment uses a focused heat source to penetrate through the nail to kill fungus. The treatment is noninvasive and there is no pain involved.

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