Why the Toenail Fungus Smell like cheese?

Have your toenail or feet ever smelled like cheese? People sometimes smell cheeses smell from their feet when they have toenail fungus. The cause of this smell is bacteria.

Bacteria that is responsible for the cheeses smell is called Brevibacteria. This bacteria can be found both in feet and cheese – that’s why the toenails smell like a cheese or we can also say a cheese smells like a toenail.

Brevibacteria grows in warm and sweaty areas. Since toes and feet are easy to get sweat in shoes or socks, the number of Brevibacteria can easily grow in your toe. Also, you are likely to get nail fungus along with the cheesy smell because the fungus is also likely to grow in the moist and warm environment.

When you start noticing the bad odor in your toenail, keep your eye on the change in your nail appearance as you may also have fungal nail infection.

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