Why You Should Avoid Nail Salons

Some nail salons have a notorious reputation when it comes to how they sterilize their equipment . There may have been articles written about them and even stories on television news programming. The sad truth is that these stories really might be as true as they appear. The worst part is that the people in charge of these nail salons are aware of the dangers involved with unkempt equipment and often don’t care about their customers enough to do anything about them.

Not all nail salons are like this, of course. Some nails salons do keep their equipment up to proper standards. Occasionally people who work in nail salons even refuse to treat people with nail fungus. While this may seem drastic, it is for the protection of their other customers. The better thing for them to do would be to use separate equipment for these nail fungus customers and then explain to them how to get rid of the fungus. Since most nail salons don’t do this you will likely have to learn about nail fungus treatments on your own.

Nail fungus is very contagious. When nail salon supplies, such as toenail clippers, come into contact with someone who has been infected with toenail fungus, that nail fungus could easily and quickly spread to the next person who uses the same equipment. Unless that equipment is properly sterilized following the manicure or pedicure, the nail fungus will not be removed and could continue to spread from one person to another.

If you have been going to a certain nail salon for years and are sure that your nail salon properly sanitizes their equipment it might be okay to keep going to them. However, simply wearing nail polish could lead to a nail fungus infection. Try asking your nail salon if they would be willing to use a nail polish such as daniPro antifungal nail polish. If they use an antifungal nail polish the chances of you getting a nail fungus infection will decrease. If they refuse to use an antifungal nail polish or don’t sterilize their equipment properly, you would be better off taking your business elsewhere.

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