Your nails turning yellow might be your body’s way of saying that something is wrong. Your nails indicate changes in your health over time. If your nails turn yellow, it may be due to a nail polish stain or an underlying disease. Read further to find out more reasons why your nail turns yellow.

You wear dark nail polish

Wearing nail polish can stain and turn your nails yellow. This is because of the dye in the nail polish that interacts with the keratin in nails. Not only may this cause yellow discoloration, but it can also make the nails brittle. This can also get worse if you use nail polish remover that contains acetone. The acetone dissolves the nail polish and bonds it with you nail.

This stain only affects the surface of the nails. To get the natural color of your nail back, stop wearing nail polish for a while and let your nails breathe and grow out the stained parts. To prevent staining, apply a clear base coat first before wearing a dark colored nail polish. Also, use non-acetone polish remover.

Underlying health issue

Thyroid disease and diabetes may lead to yellowing of the nails. It is unclear why, but it may be due to high sugar levels and compromised immune system. Consult a doctor if you suspect to have one of these conditions. Blood test will be done to evaluate you for these issues. Treatment for these conditions may improve the appearance of your nails.

Vitamin Deficiency and Smoking

Malnutrition can affect the color of your nails. Smoking can also cause fingernails yellow due to the tobacco smoke.

Fungal Nail Infection

When your nails are infected by fungus, it can turn your nails yellow. They may also be thickened and brittle.

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